ProtoAR is a platform that lets you prototype your ideas in augmented reality.


    March 2013

    I made Lightbox Reality at PHD4, which lets you prototype what that picture would look like when printed in real life—basically, lightbox on any flat plan (markerless AR). (It won 15 bitcoins for using ImageShack's optimized images filter system.)

    May 2013


    Nov 2016

    I revived it for an AT&T ARVR Hackathon in November 2016—but in a more every-user-productive way. It's an app that lets you tag objects around you with different templates you can select. In a way, like Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote on real life objects. (I'm still undecided on whether to combine this with gnome.ly—or to keep that as something less of a productivity tool)