• What if visitors would come to your booth at an expo just to have you (or them) scribble on their arms… to augment a bionic arm!

  • #awe2014 #pettyAR "ARM Augmented"

  • reveals that I am indeed made of steam and steel and driven by tiny homunculi pic.twitter.com/QmzbFVfPsk

    — I. Yosun Chang (@Yosun) May 30, 2014

  • random selection of 7 random unique tattoos via @areality3d #scribbleAR

  • from #PettyAR "ARM Augmented" @ #AWE2014 pic.twitter.com/a2XRlR45A9

    — I. Yosun Chang (@Yosun) May 30, 2014

  • Coined a fun advertising agency name called PettyAR that specializes in making AR/AI pets and letting people scribble on themselves to augment O_o