ArtformAR is the augmented reality platform for art and art galleries and museums. (The underlying platform can also be used for marker-based tour mapping—gnomely.)

The current iteration lets you point at any artwork in a gallery/museum to identify it to fetch further information about it and to locate it on a map. (It has been benchmarked to be the fastest solution in the market.) You can also search for paintings to find out where it is on the map, as well as preview other paintings in the same gallery. It was created to solve my problem with getting lost in large museums, by using the paintings as the constellations to map my way. I currently consider it one of my “lifestyle entrepreneurship / software philanthropy projects”.

This project was formerly called Wanderlust: “Walk into the World of Paintings” and was shown at SIGGRAPH, Augmented World Expo and Makerfaire in 2015.